Troye Sivan - Crazy Love Cover (Michael Buble)

Troye says: 
Hi guys!
My first video just singing to webcam in literally years. i KNOW my voice has changed since then. I am quite aware that this was probably not what you expected. I'm sorry if this was not what you were looking for, but i recently hit 10,000 subs and thought i should celebrate with a video.

I love this song, and lemme know what you guys think.

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Troye Sivan- An Angel

This is the new cover of the song "an angel" by Troye Sivan
Troye say: Hi Guys!
Long time no post! Here is a recording i did of Declan Galbraith's "An Angel" about a year ago.

I hope you guys like it!!


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Tell Me Why-Troye Sivan (capela)

TROYE SAY: ***NOTE***: I AM NOT SIX, I WAS SICK, i am thirteen as of June 5th. (sorry its my aussie accent kicking in :) )

Hey Guyz!

Sorry I haven't made vid recently...I FEEL TERRIBLE! lol :)

This is a GREAT song and i know it means a heck of a lot to me as im sure it does to a lot of you as well.

At the moment I'm sick so sorry for the few "off" notes in there lol heheh.


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Cya and Enjoy!,
Troye Sivan


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Biografia de Troye Sivan

Troye sivan's biography

Fourteen year old Troye Sivan hails from South Africa but calls Perth, Australia, his home. Having a beautiful singing voice, Troye has already performed at many of Perth's most important venues, as well as in amateur performances that span several continents.

----In 2006, Guy Sebastian (Australia's first winner of the reality TV show Australian Idol) heard Troye perform "Over The Rainbow" as one of the opening acts on Perth's Annual Telethon. He

then called Troye over and

asked if he knew any of his songs to which Troye replied "yes". After 20 minutes of jamming, Guy approached the producer of the show and asked permission to perform his first single that he released after Idol with Troye - "Angels Brought Me Here", instead of promoting his own solo single off his new album. After about a half an hour of practicing backstage, Troye and Guy performed together and received a standing ovation from a crowd of 2500 people.

----His favourite genre is pop. He was also successful in making it into the grand finals of StarSearch 2007.

----As an actor, Troye recently played the part of "Oliver" in Oliver! at Perth's Regal Theatre. His big break came in February 2008 when a successful audition landed him the role of "Young Logan" (Hugh Jackman's character at 12 years old) in the feature film X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Wolverine, a 20th Century-Fox film, is scheduled for release in May 2009.

Biografía de Troye Sivan Mellet (español)

Troye Sivan de catorce años proviene de Sudáfrica, pero llama a Perth, Australia, su casa. Teniendo una hermosa voz, Troye ya ha actuado en muchos escenarios de Perth, así como en actuaciones de aficionados que abarcan varios continentes.
---- En 2006, Guy Sebastian (el primer ganador del programa de televisión
Australian Idol) escuchó Troye realizar "Over The Rainbow" en uno de los actos de apertura del perth telethon. A continuación, llama a Troye y le preguntó si conocía alguna de sus canciones Troye le respondió "sí". Después de 20 minutos de shok, Guy se acercó al productor del

espectáculo y pidió permiso para realizar su primer single que se publicó después de Ídol con Troye - "Angels Brought Me Here", en lugar de promover su propio solo de su nuevo álbum. Después de aproximadamente una media hora de práctica

de bastidores, Guy y Troye realizaron juntos y recibió una ovación de una multitud de 2500 personas.


--- Su género favorito es el pop. Él también tuvo éxito en la gran final de StarSearch 2007.

---- Como actor, recientemente Troye desempeñó el papel de "Oliver" de Oliver! en el Teatro Regal Perth. Su gran oportunidad vino en febrero de 2008 cuando el éxito de la audición le aterrizó el papel de los "
Young Logan" (Hugh Jackman el carácter a los 12 años de edad) en la película X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Wolverine, 20th Century-Fox film, está programada para publicarse en mayo de 2009.